Our Services

Andrew Gluyas:
The director of Mordialloc Myotherapy is Andrew Gluyas, who specialises in musculoskeletal pain, injury and dysfunction. He is a member of Myotherapy Association of Australia, is tertiary trained and maintains ongoing professional development.

Andrew is one of Australia’s more experienced practitioners with extensive experience over 17 years alongside sports doctors and leading physiotherapists. He treats people of all ages and conditions with a focus on dealing with the cause of pain, not just on treating the symptoms.

Andrew also teaches self-treatment and body management and may refer patients to doctors and other health professionals where appropriate.

We assess and treat musculoskeletal pain and stiffness.

We aim to restore your full range of movement and to make you pain free.

We aim to restore your quality of life, minus the misery of nagging pain caused by the presence of muscle tightness.

Our Philosophy:

Explain treatment to patient in clear and engaging manner
Provide optimal treatment efficiently and effectively
Advise and empower the patient
Provide working diagnosis and prognosis for treatment outcomes.

Other benefits of Mordialloc Myotherapy include:
Learn ‘core stability’
⁃    Simple to understand and integrate into your life
⁃    The foundation of musculoskeletal health
Treat yourself!
⁃    Learn self massage using techniques
⁃    Learn how to maintain your flexibility
⁃    Learn how to alleviate pain and stiffness