“I followed Andrew from his previous practice. I have now attended Mordialloc Myotherapy from the time it opened more than three years ago. My problems are age related, posture and muscular in nature. I’ve found the regular work by Andrew has eliminated the back pain I experienced and also improved my flexibility significantly. As an avid golfer this is important to me. I will continue to attend the clinic to maintain what he has achieved for me. I would highly recommend his work and happy to talk to anyone contemplating this form of therapy.”
Don Barrett 

“Dear Andy,
I would like to thank you for helping me get my strength back following my injury. Your expert treatment made my recovery possible. I appreciate the time that you took the last three years to treat me. Thank you for your limitless patience.”
Loli Gabizon

“Dear Andy,
I first came to you with a crook back over six years ago. I left with the back much improved but with the realisation that fifty years at a desk and as a long term golfer had messed up my posture and was a probable cause of recurrent pain. Certainly my right shoulder was a couple of inches lower than my left, I stooped and had a rapidly developing hump. My posture was poor to boot.
I hope I am one of your examples that persistence pays off. I came weekly and then two weekly. Now at 77 while my handicap has gone to 14 I credit you with being able to maintain a single figure handicap until a couple of years ago. I can turn 70 degrees, touch my toes but even more importantly I can stand up straight without pain and have my shoulders nearly at the same level. My hump is gone. I believe you will continue to help me enjoy an active life for many years to come.”
Ralph Ward-Ambler

“G’day Andy,
Just a few words to thank you for the great work you’ve done straightening out my body over the last couple of years. Over the years I have seen doctors, physios’, chiro’s , other myo’s the list goes on and on. None of them have been able to achieve the results you have in the last year or two. Your understanding of biomechanics, muscle alignment & movement as well as posture is second to none. With the occasional treatment & self management with stretches and massage with the spikey ball I now have my issues mostly under control.

Thanks Andy.
Regards, Jeff Fortune