The Five Requirements For Good Musculoskeletal Health

1. Flexibility
Maintaining flexibility allows your body to achieve good posture and a full range of movement. Therefore, you have a functional body that isn’t limited by stiffness (caused by latent trigger points) or muscle origin pain (caused by active trigger points). MYOTHERAPY is primarily concerned with improving your flexibility.

2. Cardio-vascular fitness
Aerobic activity like walking and swimming improves heart and lung function

3. Muscle mass
Maintaining muscle mass through resisted weight training helps maintain muscle strength. MYOTHERAPY helps keep these muscles from developing trigger points which restrict movement and cause pain

4. Core muscle strength
The small muscles that directly support the body’s spine. This helps us achieve good posture and lowers the risk of developing back and neck pain. MYOTHERAPY teaches the simple and achievable methods to gain good core muscle strength

5. Proprioceptive function
The innate ability to know where your body is in space. This skill is demonstrated when you lose your balance, but adjust yourself quickly to regain your balance. MYOTHERAPY helps proprioceptive function through improving flexibility

Remember: The combination of these aspects of physical health provide a sound level of fitness, increasing your confidence and your total body’s functional ability. It reduces the potential for injury and falls, especially important as we progress through life.
MYOTHERAPY assists in all five aspects for sustaining good musculoskeletal health.